Pre-congress courses

Pre-Congress Courses

27th of April 2014


Students: U$ 25,00
Professionals: U$ 35,00
Registration in the courses is independent of registrations in the congress.

Course 1: Clinical Toxicology: Diagnosis and Management (6hs – 100 participants)
Chair: Dra. Virginia Dapper (CEVs)l
Dra. Adriana Barotto – CIT/SC
09:00-12:00 – Clinic-Laboratorial evaluation and management of acute intoxication by medicines and other chemical agents as organophosphate, yanide, CO.12:-14:00 – Lunch.

14:00-17:00 – Clinic-Laboratorial evaluation and management of acute intoxication by abuse drugs and poisonous animals.

Course 2: Genotoxicity Evaluation (6hs – 100 participants) – CANCELED
Course 3: Laboratory of Toxicology: Emergency and routine tests (6hs – 100 participants)
Chair: Dr. Rachel Bulcao – Perita Oficial Toxicologista PR
Dr. José Luiz da Costa – Superitendência da Polícia Técnico Científica de São Paulo
MSc. Rafael Lanaro – Centro de Controle de Intoxicações – Unicamp
09:00-12:00 – Emergency and routine toxicological evaluation: sampling to report (MSc. Rafael Lanaro).12:-14:00 – Lunch.

14:00-17:00 – Principles and Applications of Liquid and Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS and GC/MS) in toxicological analysis (Dr. José Luiz da Costa).

Course 4: Toxicogenomics and Genotoxicity (6hs – 100 participants)
Chair: (to be confirmed)
Prof Dr André Luchessi (UFRN)
Prof Dra. Juliana da Silva (ULBRA)
09:00 – 12:00 – Toxicogenomics: principles and application
Lecturer: Prof Dr André Luchessi (UFRN)
Program: Genomic projects: HapMap and gnomas Mil. Molecular techniques and their application in genotyping: real-time PCR, microarrays, and next-generation sequencing. Applications of Genomics in Toxicology.12:00 – 14:00 – Lunch time

14:00 – 15:00 – Toxicogenomics: principles and application
Lecturer: Prof Dr André Luchessi (UFRN)

15:00 – 17:00h – Genotoxicity (occupational and environmental)
Lecturer: Prof Dr. Juliana da Silva (ULBRA)
Application of the Ames test, Micronucleus, Chromosome Aberrations and Comet in occupational and environmental evaluations.

Course 5: Origins, detection and regulation of genotoxic species in medicines and phytomedicines (6hs – 40 Participants)
Chair: Profa. Dra Denise Bohrer- UFSM
Profa. Dra Denise Bohrer- UFSM
09:00 – 12:00 - Generation and detection of genotoxic synthetic impurities  or medicine degradation products, medicinal plants and phytomedicines.Presence of genotoxic species in phytomedicines.12:00 – 14:00 – Lunch time

14:00 – 17:00 - Toxicological evaluation  assays; regulation of thresholds for genotoxic impurities for nacional and international regulation agencies.