Registrations for the 1st TOXI-LATIN 2014 are now open.
Registration form
Check the dates and registration fees below:


Until Feb 28th 2014

Until March 31st 2014

Until April 20th 2014

At the event

Undergraduate students

$ 45,00

$ 65,00

$ 85,00

$ 110,00

Graduate students (Master and PhD)

$ 65,00

$ 85,00

$ 110,00

$ 130,00


$ 110,00

$ 135,00

$ 155,00

$ 175,00

Registrations will be completed after the confirmation of payment of the registration fees by paypal. The fees to be paid depend on the date at the time of registration.

To register as a student (undergraduate and graduate), you will be required to upload a document file that demonstrates the current student condition, such as a declaration provided by the Institution of study.

Local Registrations must be paid in cash.

This document should be uploaded within 5 days after the registration.

Cancelation Policy and Substitution of Registration:

There will be no cancelation or substitution of the registration.