Poster session information

1. Poster preparation

Poster presentation is mandatory and posters must be prepared by authors only after the abstract submitted to ToxiLatin is accepted for presentation.

2. Structure and content

a) Dimensions: Poster dimensions must be 90 cm length X 60 cm width;

b) Some points should be included when preparing posters:

- Include the identical title to the accepted abstract;

- Names and authors’ affiliations;

- Introduction; materials and methods; results and discussion; conclusions; references (optional);

- Inform any institutions of financial support, if applicable.

3. Site, Date and Time of Poster Presentation

a) Information about time and sites of poster fixation and removal will be informed at the congress website;

b) Each author is responsible for fixing the own poster in the determined area of the poster sessions before session beginning and for removing it immediately after the end of session. The organization will not be responsible for posters left in the poster session after it is ended;

c) During poster presentation, authors must stand next to their posters during the entire period of session as an opportunity to present their work to other Congress participants. Also, a committee assigned for poster session will evaluate posters during the time of poster presentation.