Porto Alegre city

Known as the cultural, economical and political capital of southernmost state of Brazil, Porto Alegre had its origin in 1772 with the Azorean immigrants. Today, its more than one million and 300 thousand people represent about 25 ethnic groups that enrich and diversify the culture. The city is surrounded by the waters of the Guaiba Lake. Moreover, its strategic location brings the privilege of being the capital of Mercosul. Features such as quality of life, being considered a green city by its 1.4 million trees distributed all over the city (approx. 1 tree per inhabitant), the habit of enjoying outdoor life in city parks on weekends and drinking mate make Porto Alegre a peculiar capital compared to most Brazilian cities and cause an unique look to any tourist. Porto Alegre’s nightlife offers eclectic places featuring varied options for all tastes and ages. Where to go and what to do is definitely not a problem. The city also provides options for historical and cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment, as well as the warmth and responsiveness of the gaucho people. Feel comfortable and get to know the city that is “tri legal Tchê!”.

Adapted from: www.plazahoteis.com.br